Phap Thi Hoi Association is an Buddha performance organisation, founded on August 27th, 2017 (July 15th, 2007 Lunar calendar) by lay people who are member of Lay Families at Nghia Hoa pagoda (Address: Nghia Hoa pagoda - Vinh Diem Thuong village, Vinh Hiep ward, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam)
The Buddha affairs of Phap Thi Hoi Association were performed as details below:
Demonstration: Principal - Abbot of Nghia Hoa pagoda is Venerable Thich Nhu Luu
Board of Consultant: Members are Abbot/Abbess having wishes to offering Dharma to all beings.
Board of Instructors: Members are Monks/Nuns, Bhadhanta/Most Virtuous, Venerables and ages lay people participating at pagodas.

Our history

Who we are - Phap Thi Hoi Charity



  • Free Buddha book distribution for monks/nuns studying at Buddha schools in Vietnam.
  • Free Buddha book distibution for poor pagodas/monasteries at all solitery provinces in Vienam
  • Free Buddha book distribution for lay individuals .
  • Request a larege number of Sutras/Buddha books from Buddha Educational Foundation - approved by Upadhyaya Tinh Không from Taiwan ) in order to donate for pagodas in Vietnam.
  • To make donation offering to Buddha affairs: Build Pagodas - cast statues - cast bells...for pagodas within Vietnam territory.
  • To make donation offering to Buddha affairs: Build a Free Buddha cemetery for the Poor(planning)

Online(Vietnamese language version):

  • To write website Phap Thi Association having its as an postal named Buddha E-library: Catalogue, scripture texts, doctrine audio (mp3, video) of monks and nuns…
  • To records Buddha sutra books ( Docs, Pdf, Epub) as Vietnamese language and under circulating in Vietnam assist Buddhists searching titles via PC, laptop, e-reader, smartphone...
  • To edit Package notice of Buddhology/digitize packages of Buddha dictionary to assist studying, reading Sutras/Buddha books on www.phapthihoi.org, PC, laptop, ipad, e-reader, smartphone…
  • To settle Buddha picture-book bookcase as an appstore for children learning. Those appstore could be read via PC, laptop, e-reader, smartphone

20.021 books distributed

31 Pagodas/Buddhist school

75.680 mp3 files

2.017 ebooks


Printing Buddha books for pagodas

Phap Thi Association would like to inform that “Free distribution book program for pagodas in solitary and miserable provinces”